UCONN Law School Meet and Greet for Intellectual Property Professionals

Yesterday I attended a meet and greet with law students at UCONN Law School in Hartford, sponsored by UCONN LAW’s Intellectual Property Law Society.   It was fun to meet with your law students interested in patents, trademarks, and copyrights.   They asked about what a career as an IP attorney is like, and I was happy to give them my thoughts.   You can see more info about the Intellectual Property Law Society here.


Yesterday I attended a Connecticut Intellectual Property Law Association (CIPLA) presentation.  Former USPTO Undersecretary David Kappos spoke about Artificial Intelligence and how the USPTO may deal with this new technlogy.   He gave a great talk, and it was nice to see other Connecticut patent and trademark lawyers.   For more information on CIPLA, go here.

The Truth about Design Patents–Conneticut Intellectual Property Association meeting

I attended CIPLA’s dinner and meeting on The Truth about Design Patents last night at the Elm City Club in New Haven.   Professor Saurabh Vishnubhakat, Director, IP and Information Law Program at Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law talked about incorrect conventional wisdom regarding the grant rate of Design Patents and  invalidation rates of Design Patents during litigation.   It was nice to meet fellow Connecticut IP attorneys and see some old friends.

I will be attending the National Association of Patent Practitioners Annual Conference this week!

This week I will be attending the NAPP annual meeting at the United States Patent and Trademark (USPTO ) headquarters in Alexandria, VA.   The conference will keep me up to date on the latest developements in patent law and I will get to see old patent friends and make some new patent friends.   The program agenda can be seen here.

I attended an Inventors Association of Connecticut Meeting yesterday

We had an Inventors Association of Connecticut (IACT) meeting yesterday on Memorial day!  Patent Agent Jonah Probell spone on Patent Valuation, how patents can be a barrior to competition, and licensings and cross-licensing of patents.  Mr. Probell is a friend that I met through the National Association of Patent Practitioners.   To find out about IACT’s next meeting, go here.

Client receives Patent on Extender for Underground Water Supply Systems

I would like to congratulate my client Edward Underhill, president of UNDERHILL INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION, of Irvine, California for obtaining a patent on his “Extender”, a device used in underground water supply systems, for example, for irrigating golf courses, a vertical distribution supply pipe extends vertically below-ground and is coupled at its lower end to a main water distribution pipe. The opposite end of
the vertically disposed distribution pipe is coupled with quick coupler assembly that is at ground level and includes a quick connect valve. The quick connect valve has a cap and a cover. To open the valve to supply water to an above-ground distribution conduit, for example, a hose, the cover is removed and the valve cap is pivoted out of the way.

The patent can be seen here.