SIGNABLES and Lauren Cecchi recieve patent on signable sports memorabilia

My client SIGNABLES, LLC of Florida and Lauren Cecchi of NY, recently received a design patent on their Memorabilia Ball Simulacrum.   SIGNABLES, LLC seeks to improve the autograph experience by offering an authentic, display-ready keepsake. In other words, a Signable!  The patent can be seen here.

Client receives Patent on technology that can improve Lenses!

My client David R. Winn of Westport, CT recently received a patent on his invention for “Transparent and colorless hardcoating films for optical materials with a tunable index of refraction and scratch resistance, as formed from anodic aluminum films”.  This invention could improve eyeglass lenses in new an amazing ways.   The patent can be seen here.

Successful Inventors Association of Connecticut presentation on Filing a Trademark Application

I presented to the Inventors Association of Connecticut (IACT) this afternoon, May 17, 2022.  The topic was Filing a Trademark Application at the USPTO.  The members asked a lot of interesting and probing questions.   We had a good turnout.   Next month, Onyeka Obiocha Executive Director of CTNext will present.  More information can be found here.

I will give a presentation on Trademarks to the Inventors Association of Connecticut on May 17, 2022!

Hi All,

I will be giving a presentation on Trademarks at the Inventors Association of Connecticut on Tuesday, May 17, 2022 at 5 pm via.   I will walk the attendees through how to file a trademark application at the USPTO.   More information can be found here.

Clients receives patent on Smart Gun!

I would like to congratulate my clients Connecticut Analytical Corporation and Joseph Bango on recieving a patent on their “Apparatus, system, and method for restrictive or selective firearm and smart gun weapon control”.   Connecticut Analytical Corporation is located in Bethany, CT.   I worked with Mr. Bango on preparing, filing, and prosecuting the patent application.  The patent can be seen here.

Client receives important patent on Epidemic and Pandemic Prediction

Please congratulate my clients Joseph Bango and Connecticut Analytical Corporation of Bethany, CT on receiving a patent on their timely invention for a Method for analysis of aerosolized biological species in epidemic and pandemic prediction.   The patent can be seen here.


New patent for Atomizer issues!

I would like to congratulate my client Ali Abouzalam of Ft Collins, Colorado for receiving a design patent for his Atomizer.   The patent can be seen here.   Mr. Abouzalam sells e-nails and vaporizing sets through his company BEE-NAILS.  His website is here.

Inventors Association of Connecticut Meeting of March 24, 2022

Last week I attended the Inventors Association of Connecticut (IACT) meeting where my friend Paul Hebert presented.  I often recommend Paul, when my clients are looking for someone to build a prototype for them, or manufacture a product, or have products manufactured in China and shipped to the US.   Paul talked about many problems and issues he and his company have run into and solved.   It was fun hearing Paul talk about products that started out as patent applications that I filed for the client.  To find out more about Paul Hebert and his services go here.  To see what Paul talked about the the IACT meeting, go here.

I attended the Milford Influencer Networking Event

Yesterday I attended the Milford Influencer Networking event.  Experts gave a panel discussion on how they became influencers using platforms such as instagram, tik tok, facebook and others.   Very informative.  It was held at Tribus Beer. Co. in Milford, CT, a very nice location.  The event was sponsoned by Discover Milford, information on upcoming events can be found here.

Longtime client receives trademark for 3RD DEGREE FIN SYSTEMS

My longtime client Quint Higgins of Raleigh, NC recently obtained a registered trademark for 3RD DEGREE FIN SYSTEMS.  My client is in the business of manufacturing and selling paddleboard fins; surfboard fins; fins for body boards; fin boxes for paddleboards; fin boxes for surfboards; fin boxes for body boards; surfboard accessories, namely, leashes, repair patches, traction pads, storage racks, carriers worn on body, holders worn on body, paddles, kits for building surfboards, bags, hydrofoils, deck grips.   The trademark can be seen here.