Client receives patent on their Bicycle Rim invention!

I would like to congratulate my client Wilderness Trail Bikes  (WTB) on receiving a patent on their invention for a Rim With Recessed Channel and Rim Strip Apparatus and System.  WTB is located in Mill Valley, CA.  You can find more information on WTB here.  Working with WTB, I prepared and prosecuted the patent application that eventually issued into a patent.  To see the patent, go  here.

Bicycle Accessory manufacturer receives patent on their Handlebar invention!

My client Wilderness Trail Bikes (WTB) and Padloc LLC of Mill Valley, CA received a patent on their Handlebar and Grip Apparatus and System.  The patent can be seen here.  The device essentially allows a grip to “lock” onto a handlebar without the unwanted tendency of the grip to rotate with respect to the handlebar.