I attended the National Association of Patent Practitioners’ Annual Conference in Denver, CO

Hi Everyone.   I just got back from a three day National Association of Patent Practitioners (NAPP) conference in Denver, CO.  NAPP is the organization of choice for all patent professionals.  NAPP provides networking, education, collegial exchange, benefits, and a collective voice in the larger IP community on patent law practice, so patent practitioners can flourish and achieve the highest levels of competence and professionalism in their practice.   Patent practitioners include patent attorneys and patent agents.  Attending the presentations and talking with fellow patent attorneys helps me stay on top of the latest developements in patent law.   The NAPP conference agenda can be seen here.

I will be attending the National Association of Patent Practitioners Annual Meeting this week

I will be attending the annual meeting of NAPP for the next 3 days, July 19-21 via zoom.   This annual meeting will include informational sessions on a wide variety of topics to keep me up to date on developments in patents law.  Some topics to be discussed are: Developments in artificial intelligence/machine learning–practical take-aways for drafting and prosecution;  Current Developments in Utility Patent Law;  Current  Developments in Design Patent Law (incl. Hague).    I will also get to socialize with many of my colleagues who practice patent preparation and prosecution around the country and a few from outside the USA.   For more information on the NAPP annual meeting, go here.