I attended an Inventors Association of Connecticut Meeting yesterday

We had an Inventors Association of Connecticut (IACT) meeting yesterday on Memorial day!  Patent Agent Jonah Probell spone on Patent Valuation, how patents can be a barrior to competition, and licensings and cross-licensing of patents.  Mr. Probell is a friend that I met through the National Association of Patent Practitioners.   To find out about IACT’s next meeting, go here.

USPTO offers free virtual instructor led training webinar on Legal Analysis Writing Workshop

The USPTO will offer training to members of the public as part of the Virtual Instructor Led Training (vILT) program. vILT is designed to allow stakeholders in the USPTO to be briefed on a variety of focused topics related to examination practice and procedure derived from recent training delivered to experienced USPTO examiners. The interactive online format of vILT allows participants to remotely attend the training without the need to travel to USPTO locations.     

Registration is opened from December 17, 2018 – January 27, 2019 for the next vILT webinar titled “Legal Analysis Writing Workshop” scheduled for February 12 and 13, 2019 at 1pm ET. This course if for patent attorneys and patent agents.  This course is first come first serve, has a limited capacity, and selection is required to attend. The USPTO is applying for CLE credit in Virginia for this course. All vILT events are free to attend.  The sign up form can be found here